Brick Kiln Industries is based on a two acre site of an old bricks works and part of an ancient bluebell wood in a rural setting. The garden is open during bluebell time in May including a woodland water feature, billabong , a stumpery and a traditional cottage garden of flowers and herbs. A nature walk runs around the two acres which are offered as a TV and film location.

This covers lectures such as the history of embroidery, the history of the straw hat industry in the UK and abroad, the Bayeaux Tapestry. Talks and workshops on traditional stitches and techniques including patchwork and quilting, stump work, crewel work laid work, cross stitch wheat sheaf wattle stitch – which is an ‘in house’ filling and background technique

Raffia and straw hats particularly concentrating on country weddings styles, costume, or traditional designs can be made to measure.

Available as part of the lecture portfolio is a collection of approx.200 raffia, straw and unusual hats from around the world.

Workshops for felt making, canvas work, cross stitch, stump work, laid work, wheat sheaf wattle stitch etc take place in the spring and summer months in groups of around 8 people including lunch. We have a great deal of fun with ‘ Drawing for the terrified’ classes which enables enthusiasts and artist to create their own designs and work on their own material.

Specialist glass beads can be designed and fired in our small kiln on the premises.

Barbara Jeremiah

  • Textile & Ceramic Design
  • Hatmaking demonstration
  • Hatmaking demonstration


  • The Bayeux Tapestry
  • Canvas Workshop
  • Wheatsheaf Stitch Workshop
  • Jeremiah Stitch


  • Papermaking Demonstration
  • Jeramiah Arts

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