Kay Linnell is a Chartered Arbitrator and experienced in dealing with disputes particularly in the construction industry and references relating to financial matters in partnership and commercial contract disputes. Kay Linnell qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then qualified as a Chartered Arbitrator.


Kay Linnell served at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators as the Course Director and Senior Tutor in charge of the Introductory Course for 10 years and as Chairman of the Examination Boards responsible for setting and marking internationally for over two years. Kay has written extensively on arbitration and has also been Master of The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators the main dispute resolution company in the City of London.

Kay Linnell belongs to a dispute resolution panel and is serving as a full main Board Director of an international construction company. Kay has given evidence in arbitrations concerning construction disputes in Europe and in the Pacific area as well as in the UK.

Kay Linnell whilst sitting as Arbitrator has dealt with such diverse matters as the allocation of the costs of commercial damages and the allocation of charges in a transport dispute involving several city councils, disputes with housing association and tenants and served as Chairman of the Special Interest Panel of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators managed under the IDRS subsidiary for housing disrepair schemes with local councils and their tenants.

Kay’s real expertise is in dealing with private contract disputes and she has recently dealt with several involving partnership breakdowns and in particular interpretation of various partnership accounts and the valuation of businesses. In sitting as an Arbitrator the role is quite distinct from that of being an Expert because the requirement is for the Arbitrator to received the evidence given to them, weigh and evaluate it in a quasi- judicial capacity and become involved in an investigation. The Arbitrators role is inquisitorial and this is quite useful in providing a private, final and cost effective method of resolving appropriate disputes.


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