Forensic Accounting Services

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  1. Forensic Accounting Services – Forensic accounting is the ability to deal with speciality areas and explain to a Court or Tribunal the accounting and technical issues of financial transactions. Frequently this involves the calculation of the quantum of any claim and may include key areas such as economic damage, family law, economic crime (including fraud and business valuation).
  2. Forensic accountancy involves the analysis , interpretation and summary of complex financial and business related issues with the ability to communicate findings to the instructing parties and assist in legal proceedings including giving oral and written evidence in a Court or Tribunal. The raft of skills required for financial investigation include those not just of a qualified and experienced accountant but also other skills which are provide by properly vetted and experienced consultants to the KLCA practice. One of the most important strands of this is document capture, imaging, indexing and computer forensics. KLCA is very fortunate to have two extremely experienced and able experts to assist in this exercise.

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